Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a Brave New World

Today was just like any other weekday...except that it wasn't. This morning, I got up and got ready for work. But unlike most weekdays in the past, I was the only one getting ready to go anywhere at all.

Today was the first day of our 'new normal'. Sander stayed home, his first day of unemployment/summer vacation. Kiera will still go to daycare, only leaving later and coming home earlier. We don't want to pull her out completely, as it will be very disruptive when it's time for Daddy to go back to work. So for now, they will have Wednesdays and Fridays together, and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will be daycare days.

And even though I jokingly call it vacation, it really isn't. Being a stay at home spouse and partner while job hunting is a lot of work. There are house projects to be done, a child to be cared for and basic life maintenance to be taken care of.

It remains to be seen whether this change is going to work out for everyone. What we do know is that it will give us some breathing room, but at what cost, we're not yet sure.

Stay tuned.

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