Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Facing a Layoff - T-minus 20 days

My husband has been cleaning out his desk. He's worked in the same place (although not the same desk) for almost 14 years, including an internship, so it's pretty bittersweet. While he's ready for it to be over, it's a tough change.

Emotionally, we're up and down. Thankfully I'm up when he is down and vice versa. While we know logically things will work themselves out, the range of emotions is pretty broad for us. There's worry, anticipation, sadness, and many more.

I know job losses often create tension in marriages - and for good reason. Losing an income is tough, feeling unwanted and unneeded is probably just as tough, if not more so. But the wonderful surprise about this layoff is that it has brought us closer than ever. We were always a pretty good team, but these days I really feel like we're truly in it together.

It's not all rainbows and flowers, not by a long stretch. But at this point, we're hanging in.

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