Thursday, May 27, 2010

Every now and again....

People ask me to augment my blog with things like pictures, recommendations for other blogs, that sort of thing.

I have the best of intentions about it, I do. I think 'damn, that's a great idea'. Then I realize that my daughter has dumped her entire tray of food on the floor just as work calls with an emergency and I tip over a glass of water onto my work files on the table/the floor/myself/all of the above. And then the fleeting memory..fleets somewhere else.

But I really do think these things are good ideas, and I've managed to retain them for at least long enough to log on to the blog. See? I'm trying. So here's a picture of me and my family. Not the best one I've seen, but hey, it was 6:40 am and already 80 degrees on Tuesday morning, so it was about as good as it was going to get.

So okay, now you can't complain for a while that I never post pictures. Okay, actually you can, I'm kinda lame about it.

"But what about those other blogs and sites, MoneyPenny, sweetie? C'mon. You must occasionally do something other than wipe up scrambled egg off the floor"

Okay, I do. Occasionally I wipe up potstickers, green beans, pasta and other things Kiera has hurled into the wall.

I also do read other sites. So here's a couple. I'm too lazy to make the titles links, so just deal, mmkay?

I really like The Pioneer Woman. She's funny, and I keep meaning to try her doughnut recipe, but must lose those 15 baby pounds first.

If you are interested in peak oil, and like a good scare, try Matt Savarin needs a different color background on his site, but then again, you all tolerated that awful orange banner from me for 2 years, so who am I to complain?

The bagel recipe over at Foodie Two Shoes is really really good. Plus I want her to come over and redesign my site. Pretty please?

I recently made the strawberry-rhubarb scones over at Sweet Life Laur's blog. Yum.

I'll have more for you later, but today it's doughnuts, scones, peak oil and bagels. Can you tell what my priorities are?

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Laura said...

Thank you for the mention!!

Peanut and Ladybug's Mom said...

Love the pic!

Ms.Moneypenny said...

P&LB's Mom;

How are you hanging in? I'll be in PA in a few weeks - let's get together. Perhaps Peanut, Ladybug and Kiera can meet?