Sunday, April 20, 2008

How Does My Garden Grow Week 4

This week, the daffodils bloomed here in northern Massachusetts.  This marks the official transition from late winter to spring.  To me, snowdrops and crocuses are the signs of the end of winter, but still winter.  Daffodils mean warm days and sunshine.  

My husband spent about 5 hours in the yard yesterday doing cleanup work.  Today we'll probably both be out there for a bit - I have some pansies to put in our window boxes, and we want to begin siting the vegetable garden.  This means moving some plants, so it's going to take us a few weeks.  

The landscapers are coming this week to do a full yard cleanup.  Once that's done, we'll order some mulch and mulch over the garden beds, something we didn't do last year.  

The vegetable garden is growing gangbusters.  I've been madly repotting plants and completely losing track of what type of tomato is what while I do it.  Next year I need to take the time to make up a grid on paper of what I've planted so that I don't lose track.

I still haven't started my fingerling potatoes, so I'll be doing that today.  I'm giving some, along with a few of my tomato and other seedlings to a friend, as we have probably far more than we need.  

Or goal is to get the main vegetable garden into the ground by the 3rd week of May, and then plant something additional each week through June.  That should mean we'll be harvesting until late September.  It's going to be a busy fall.  

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