Thursday, March 24, 2011

March: The Ugly Month

These days, when someone asks me how I am, I say "Tired".  It's true - like just about every woman my age I have a job, a house, a commute, a family and a bazillion demands on my time.

But it's also March, which, translated from the original NewEnglandese, means "ugly month".  Which means it's grey, cold, no flowers, no snow, and lots of sand and debris on the streets, because the street cleanings don't start until next month.

March and November are the most unattractive months in New England, but at least in November everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving, and the pumpkins haven't rotted on the doorsteps yet. 

Add to that the lost hour of sleep due to the clocks changing, and there's a big pile of 'ugh' going on.  Okay, so there's a few snow drops up, but even those aren't serving to change the drabness this year.

So I'm cranky in March.  The only thing that keeps me happy (besides chasing the adorable one around) is potting up some garden seeds, and I um, haven't done that yet.  I really think we all should get a pass to just go back to bed and wake up in time for Easter.  I may run for office on this platform. 

So I went out and bought some cute, brightly colored picture frames for the pictures of the adorable one that litter my desk at work, and paint chips for the guest room. 

And now I'm going back to bed (  Wake me when it's spring.  No, I mean when it's actually spring, not what the calendar says.

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