Thursday, December 16, 2010

7 Web Sites to Help You Become Someone Else

Okay, I'm not referring you to fake ID sites.  But most of us daydream about the what-ifs - a teacher who wishes to become an author,  or jettisoning the corporate world for a small farm, that sort of thing, or even just master a style of cooking.  Here are 7 web sites that can help you learn a new skill, even if just for fun:   

1. You want to master Italian cooking
Go here:  Vincent Scordo's blog is nothing short of brilliant, and his recipes are the real deal. Be prepared to develop an arancini addiction.

2. You want to learn how to think like, or become, a CEO
Go talk to Eric.  At the very least you'll be entertained by his narration of his Acela trip to New York City.   I can relate -back in my public transport days, I must have had a sign on my back that read: If you ate too much garlic for dinner last night, and it's eking out  your pores, plus you like to elbow people when you turn the pages of your newspaper, sit next to me!  I really don't miss that.  I'm all for public transport.  Hold the garlic.

3.  You want to be prepared for the Apocalypse, or at least become one of those mountain man types
Actually, some of the articles and information on Backwoods Home's website is quite good.  And if you are looking for an all-camo wardrobe and a 5-year supply of freeze-dried food, these are the folks that can help with that.

4. You want to become a consultant
Years of watching consultants work at your firm have convinced you that the lifestyle is one of travel and glamour.  (PSA: travel is often a yes, glamour not so much)  Go read Consultant Journal.  Good blog, good information.  

5. You want to escape the Rat Race
If you want a career change, or to retire early, there's a lot of web sites out there to help. But the most thoughtful and well-written article I think I've ever read on the topic is here.  For help with executing an early retirement plan, try here.  

6. You want to develop the next cool mobile device app - but don't have unlimited funds
Go here first.  Then do some googling.  Even if you don't, reading Business Insider is a good idea.

7. You want to be the next reality TV star
Think Mike Holmes has nothing on you?  Have more kids and better hair than Kate Gosselin?
Go here to learn how to get the cameras trained on you.  But be careful what you wish for...

Well, there you have it.   Just remember to tell all your future fans that you learned it here.

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Andrea @ Consultant Journal said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words! Of course, I'll be the first to say that, in becoming a consultant, sometimes it's the best way to be yourself. :)