Monday, August 16, 2010

The Local on a Shoestring Project

I've decided that my next big project is how to eat and play locally on a shoestring. Over the next couple months, I'll be posting updates on how we've managed to eat well and have a good time cheaply while supporting our local economy.

I'd challenge others to join me, and send me updates, which I will post. Tell me how you are doing things locally and cheaply. Tweet this, too - send me your friends. There may even be free stuff for you involved.

Here's the rules of my game:

1. Local for diet means as close to home as possible, but let's say the outer range is driveable in a day - 300 miles, in my world. That encompasses the local beef from Lancaster County, PA that we invested in, as well as the farm stand 4.7 miles away.

2. Local for fun means within a few hours drive. It can and should include picnics, beaches where applicable, camping, zoos, parks, and so on. Bonus points if it's a really neat thing that is local only to you, or if it takes less than a gallon of gas to get there. Triple word score if you walk or bike to it.

3. It should be something you or your kids or your friends want to do. Don't send me your local newspaper's calendar. Send me what you did this weekend.

4. Free is better than not free.

5. This is not a crafter's challenge. It's totally cool that you built a Taj Mahal replica for your chickens this weekend. But that's not the intent of this project. This is something that you are doing or eating in your neck of the woods.


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