Monday, December 22, 2008

Preparing for Baby Part 2

Interestingly, this holiday season has provided me with more time at home than I can remember for a long time.  Usually December is a month of running from task to task, from Christmas shopping to baking to gatherings.  This year we've been remarkably light in the gatherings arena, and due to doctors appointments and one giant snowstorm, I've been at home - either working or not - quite a bit.  

While that hasn't meant that we're completely ready for either the holidays or the baby - heck, it doesn't even mean that the house is clean - it has meant that our lives seem to be moving at a nicer pace than over most of 2008.  I've had time to plan and cook more, and I've even, as late pregnancy makes me more tired, fit in at least one nap a weekend.  

But now that I'm 3/4 of the way through my pregnancy, a sense of urgency is starting to hit.  It's time to get everything ready for the baby.  Over the last two weeks we've picked out paint for the nursery, ordered the crib and bedding (mattress still to come), and begun taking care of key items like pre-registering at the hospital, thinking about pediatricians, and so on.  All in all, we've spent the bulk of our $1200 budget at this point, but kept very much on track.  So far we've purchased:

  • A crib
  • A glider with ottoman (every single parent we talked to raved about their adjustable glider.  Since agreement about baby gear is rare, we took this universal agreement as a sign not to be ignored)
  • Paint for the walls and the ceiling - low VOC paint is more expensive, but worth it to not have the newest MoneyPenny inhaling volatile organic compounds in his or her new little lungs.
  • Chair rail for baby MoneyPenny's walls - a cheap but classy touch to go with a two-tone paint job
  • Baby bedding.  I skipped over the useless and not-recommended bumpers, and simply opted for a blanket, sheet and matching mobile.  Since we have curtains in the same fabric, which also matches the glider upholstery, that was enough.  For extra sheets, we've opted for plain ecru.
  • Cloth diapers.  While we'll use chlorine-free disposables for the first week or two, while we get used to round-the-clock baby care, we've opted for cloth diapers from in smalls for once baby hits 8 pounds
  • A coming home outfit.  Okay, this didn't fall into the land of necessity, but I spent $14 on a cute little warm and fuzzy baby footed onesie to go over a t-shirt and diaper on the way home.  
What's still left on the list?  Aside from those items that are on our registry and we'll purchase after our shower if we still need them, like a travel system and carseat bases, only a plastic pail for soaking the diapers, one with a lid to ensure safety, some wood for shelving, and the aforementioned crib mattress, not much.  Now it's just time to get to all the projects.  

The big thing I want to accomplish, aside from having a functioning nursery before our newest family member arrives - this is more because I know for a fact we have more time and less sleep deprivation now, rather than because the little one will need it immediately - is to de-clutter the house.  For the most part, we keep the house reasonably neat.  But we have clutter that has bred in the corners of all rooms, and we're trying very hard to get rid of it, a bit at a time. 

De-cluttering doesn't have to be expensive.  So far, we've just bought 2 plastic storage tubs - one for baby things, and one for maternity and other clothes for me.  What it has meant is that we have had to pack some things up for later, heartlessly toss other things.  It's about spending time figuring out what use and purpose certain things have in our lives.  

How's it going?  Slow, as you can probably imagine.  But it is going.  

More updates to come later. 

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Megan said...

We did all that too! As I sit here with three days left to go until my due date (please come soon baby), I suggest trying to get as much done as early as possible. Just because it is nice to have those last few weekends with only a few things to do and for you and your husband to just enjoy your time together before becoming parents. We took our time with a lot of stuff and the past few weekends have been really busy and compounded by Christmas stuff, so we are pretty tired now!